White Dragon


his little dragon with Gaudí influence was commissioned by Diagonal TV and Motion Pictures as the pilot chapter of a TV show. First of all, I did the digital sculpting with zbrush, for 3D printing, because they needed it for the actors that had to carry it. After that, I did the retopology of all the mesh and unwrapped the uv map for baking and painting all the maps (Vector Displacement, Cavity Map, Normal Map, etc). The materials and the texture was inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudi, you can see this in the texture which tries to mimic the “Trencadís”, one of Gaudi’s techniques. I’ve done the sculpture with zbrush, the retopology with Topogun, and textures with Mudbox. The concept of this character was done by Monse Sanz. The animation was done by Gabriel Garcia and finally, I did the illumination with Mental Ray and I prepared all the render passes and layers for the composition.The precomp was made by Jacob Carmona. Bellow of all, you can see the model in 3d with Marmoset Viewer with normal maps.